We’ve got a wide range of trucks to suit any size move.

We have 6 full time operating trucks/teams. Our trucks range from 16ft to 30ft and are fully equipped with ramps, dollies, runners for the floors, and moving blankets. The trucks are inspected and maintained on a regular basis and in compliance of MTO rules. Drivers remit a bi-annual abstract and every employee has police clearance. With this in mind we ensure that your goods are transported safely.

We want to help you – from start to finish.

Get things started on the right foot; we provide you with 10 free boxes for your move: 5 wardrobe and 5 picture boxes.

If you’re seeking a full-service mover, including packing and cleaning, we do that too. For local and long distance moves, our fully insured movers will put your mind at ease about keeping your belongings safe and well prepared for the trip.

Your valuables: Handled with care.

Our specialists can construct ‘made-to-order’ crates designed to protect your special valuables, such as antiques, artwork, electronic equipment, furniture, machinery, and speciality goods.

Trust All-Rite’s experienced team to handle your valuables and delicate items with the utmost care and consideration. We appreciate that you love your things.

Rest easy; we are fully bonded and insured.

Our highly-qualified staff is insured and specially trained to ensure the safety of your valuables. We’ve mentioned it before, but it’s worth repeating – we’re fully bonded and insured, so you can trust your property will be All-Rite!

Coverage comes included with every move, so you can be confident your belongings are safe and secure. All our trucks are insured for $50,000 worth of content. Any damages caused by our team will be dealt with swiftly at your convenience. Please note that while insurance is included with your move, a $250.00 deductible applies to all claims.

Packing up yourself? We’ve got all the supplies you’ll need!

Our Supply Showroom