Protect Your Floors From Damage With Floor Runners

By All-Rite Movers |


Picture this, you’ve bought a new home and after you’ve settled in you notice your floors are scratched and even chipped because they weren’t protected when the movers dropped off your belongings. It is a shame when you’ve spent so much to get the ideal house, and now you need to pay more to re-do your floors. Can’t relate? How about we reverse the roles, what if you put your house on the market and potential buyers noticed the floors were scratched? The damaged flooring would be a big deal breaker.

While it is impossible to make every person who enters your home take special care to protect your floors, there is a more natural way to save your floors. That’s especially when you have contractors renovating your house, or while packers and movers package and transport your things. To make sure your flooring remains untouched the best solution is to use floor runners.

What are floor runners?

Floor runners are protective materials that safeguard your floors during renovations and moves. They are usually available in red and blue fabric with a beige rubberized bottom, so they stay in place when you walk over them. Floor runners are designed from high-quality materials for areas of your home that experience high traffic or specific sections of the floor that have heavy objects that could damage them.

What are the benefits of floor runners?

With floor runners, you can protect any flooring like hardwood, carpet, tile, marble, granite, or even linoleum floors. Their non-porous material keeps your floors safe from moisture and spills. However, as floor runners are not stuck to the floor, they can breathe, preventing smells and collection of moisture.

Floor runners are primarily used by movers, renovators, contractors, and pet owners to protect the floor from scratches, stains, and other damage. These floor protectors are also slip-resistant which is perfect if you have elderly family members.

At All-Rite Movers, we provide floor runners by the foot in red and blue. We have pre-cut pieces of 99Ft. and 198Ft. We also offer custom lengths, so you are fully equipped to preserve hardwood flooring, light carpeting and prevent slips.

Besides floor runners, All-Rite Movers specializes in moving, packing, and storage services for commercial and residential needs around the corner, across town, or even the country. We also provide overseas shipping. Currently, we service clients across Oakville, Mississauga, Toronto, Brampton, Milton, Waterdown, Burlington, Hamilton, Ancaster, and Stoney Creek.  

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